6 in 1 New Multifunction Safety Baby Carrier Bag

Original price was: ₨2,999.00.Current price is: ₨1,999.00.

  • Convenient and safe baby carrier
  • Adopt advanced carefully sewing, with no stimulus to baby skin
  • maximum weight- 20kgs
  • age- 0-36 months
  • With 6 kinds of use:

    Horizontal type: 0-4 months newborn baby waist and neck support is not enough, so the baby lying in the strap

    Vertical hold type: 4-24 month baby waist neck is not too much to stand, with this strap to protect your head.

    Former hold style: When carrying a baby 6-24 months will fall asleep with such a neck strap protection.

    Former hold style(face to face): 12-30 month-old baby-face stickers chest hold, in favor of parent-child communication.

    Former Vision style: 12-30 months, broaden their horizons, you can see the front of the scenery along with her ​​mother.

    Back style: 24 months, the complete liberation of the mother’s hands, and easy for the mother to do housework


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