Baby Toilet Training Small Size Potty For Kids

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  • PP,do not contain bisphenol A and other harmful substances,we like to control the baby food supplement,the same as the control the supply and use of raw materials
  • 14cm deepen potty groove, urine is not splashed,built-in independent potty groove,the inner wall by grinding treatment,dirty a flush that clean
  • Rounded arc backrest design,backrest tank can be used as a backrest to prevent the baby from falling down.but also used as a sundry box
  • Bottom six-section TPE non-slip strips,hold the ground firmly,make the baby go to toilet more stable
  • Eco-friendly PVC material, high strength sponge,cushion and cover can be repeatedly lift without breaking,take the potty groove cleaning more convenient
  • Odor-free 3 seconds to clean the toilet,after the baby poo,the mother just carry the garbage bag and throw it not brush the smelly toilet every time after baby poo


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