Hariyo Kerau (Dried Green Peas) – 1kg

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  • Features of Hariyo Kerau:
  • Hariyo Kerau (Dried Green Peas) is Healthy and tasty
  • Dried Green Peas is a good Source of energy and nutrients
  • It Keeps your immunity strong
  • We can use green peas for cooking various dishes
  • Hariyo Kerau is best in tasteflavor as well as  texture .
  • Dry green peas Contain lots of protein, fiber andmicro-nutrients.
  •  People with diabetes,  or insulin resistance problems can use Dried Green Peas
  • It is good for those suffer from irregular glucose metabolism
  • It helps to maintain blood sugar position.
  • According to different Research dried peas is considered as cancer-fighting foods.
  • It’s also helpful in constipation
  • It helps gastrointestinal diseases.
  • It reduces homocysteine situations which are threat factor for heart complaint.

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